Harrogate floor tiler for domestic and commercial projects

Harrogate floor tiler for domestic and commercial projects

PRD Ceramics are Harrogate floor tilers and whether your project is a kitchen, bathroom, a small downstairs WC or a large open-plan dining kitchen, we’re the best floor tiling specialists for the job!


Over 15 years experience tiling floors

We have over 15 years experience tiling floors and our skill, attention to detail and competitive pricing is unrivalled.


Expert advice about floor tiling

We’re experts in floor tiling, and believe that a properly installed tiled floor enhances and adds value to any home. 

We can assist you at the very start of the project and give you expert advice on the type of tiles would best suit your situation. We can also help you source the best materials at the best prices, and then complete the job to the highest standard!


The best tiling materials

We can advise on the best wall and floor tile materials for your project, and have years of experience and expertise with:

  • Ceramic tiles 
  • Granite tiles 
  • Limestone tiles 
  • Marble tiles 
  • Slate tiles 
  • Natural Stone tiles 
  • Travertine tiles 
  • Quartz tiles 
  • Mosaic tiles 
  • Terracotta tiles 


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